“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing (Walt Disney).”

Negev Technology Partners (NTP) is a dynamic boutique global management consultancy and a leading advisor on business strategy. We partner with private and public sector clients from both established and emerging economies to address their critical challenges and transform their businesses.


Our unique approach combines deep insight into an organization’s dynamics and markets with close cross-organization collaboration. Through this combination we provide our clients with the creativity and dynamism required to sustain and improve their competitive advantage, create growth, and secure lasting results.

We strive to be our partners’ vessel of creativity, dynamism and change and are committed to:

  • Delivering unparalleled transformative growth opportunities.
  • Improving bottom-line results leading to a clearer and brighter future.
  • Creating and shaping a unique competitive advantage that differentiates our clients.
  • Achieving a growing and sustainable impact together with passion, dedication and trust.
  • Building networks, infrastructure and capacity that empower organizations to achieve their goals.

As your ‘Partner of Choice,’ together we will transform your business! Focusing on improving your competitive advantage and achieving sustainable growth by leveraging our extensive know-how and global networks. Our emphasis is on helping and supporting our clients to make lasting and substantial performance improvements and to build thriving businesses that attract, develop, inspire and retain exceptional people. We provide dedicated services which are designed to support and address:

In addition to our extensive North American presence and experience we operate in Asia, Europe and the ME, helping our clients transform their local operations into international ones. Our work ranges from Business strategy, Transformation, Risk Management and Organizational Change to supporting senior management on questions of overall management and general corporate governance issues.