• Our mission

    Negev Technology Partners (NTP) is a dynamic boutique global management consultancy, and a leading advisor on business strategy.We partner with private and public sector clients from both established and emerging economies, addressing their critical challenges and transform their businesses

  • Our vision

    Our unique approach combines deep insight into an organization’s dynamics and markets with close cross-organization collaboration.Thus we provide our clients with the creativity and dynamism required to sustain and improve their competitive advantage, create growth, and secure lasting results.


It is our firm belief that every client is unique and will gain the most benefit from solutions expressly designed to suit their particular circumstances. We take the view that adopting standard industry answers or a one size fits all approach does not lead to the most effective outcomes. We tailor ground up custom solutions for our clients to suit their needs and complement their philosophy. The result is a dynamic solid competitive advantage with genuine add value.


We take great pride in our integrity and our respect for the individual. We are a customer centric organization whose core values demand that we deliver real added value to our clients and make a significant positive impact on their businesses. Our long term commitment to our clients and our insistence on meeting our own high standards set us apart as a leading professional organization that provides our clientele with lasting and enduring competitive advantage.


Our team is enriched with the ability to draw on consultants from a wide variety of exceptional backgrounds. We have highly qualified consultants in virtually any discipline from business administration and economics to engineering and computer sciences, intellectual property and law, finance and treasury, and others. As a result, we are able to assess and take on worthwhile projects, provide in depth analysis and support no matter how specialized the field of expertise may be.

NTP is Exceptionally Uniquely creative and dynamic.

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